General Maintenance and Handyman

Job Description

Wil-Pav, Inc, is seeking applications from skilled maintenance workers and craftsmen. The applicant will be responsible for maintaining the shop and office facilities as well as performing assorted construction tasks as needed on the premises and other properties maintained by the company. The applicant may also be required to install or construct small projects on jobs performed by Wil-Pav, Inc.

Some of the tasks the applicant may be asked to perform are:
Cabinetry Installation
Basic Carpentry
Interior and Exterior Painting
Fence and Decking

Type: Full-time

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Wil-Pav, Inc.

Wil-Pav, Inc is an asphalt and concrete paving contractor with over 50 years of experience operating in the Kansas City area. We offer health insurance, competitive pay, and benefits. We look forward to receiving your application.

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