Dental Assistant - Tier 3

Job Description

Tier 3 Dental Asst. Job Description:
-Bringing back patients
-Take vitals
-Take X-rays
-Review Med Hx
-Review OHI instructions
-Take Intra oral photos
-Charting / Note taking in computer w/ hygienist and Doctor
-Turning pumps on/off
-Stocking rooms with supplies
- Set up operatory accordingly to procedure
-Tear down operatory
-Assist in treatment procedures (sedation/n2o/dental rehab)
-Able to mix dental material
-Able to use amalgamator, activator and applicator
-Able to explain treatment procedures (sealants, crowns, fillings, pulps, extractions, dental rehab)
-Able to give post-op instructions on procedures
-Take/Pour up impressions
-Able to sterilize instruments properly / put away instruments
-Clean traps in operatory rooms
-Call in Rx for patients
-Front Desk (answers phones/makes appt. /confirms appt. /use copier and fax machine)
-CPR Certified
-N2O Certified
-Coronal Polishing Certified
-Sealant Certified

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