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Job Description

Job Description
The dental receptionist is the first contact point for patients and visitors to our office. At all times, the receptionist should command a professional, friendly, and polite manner. As a part of the dental team, the receptionist’s role is to assist in the smooth and efficient running of the practice, to adhere to protocols at all times in line with the company strategy, goals, and values.


• Provide support to all team members.

• Report all issues of importance to the appropriate people

• Encourage effective teamwork and appointments

• Sort and deliver incoming mail to the appropriate areas

• Complete any reasonable duties requested by the doctor or manager.

Customer Service:
• Answer and respond to telephone calls with professionalism: “Hello! World Pediatric Dental, Sarah speaking, how can I help you?”

• All extension numbers start with 1000, and extension groups start with 2000.

• When transferring a call, press TRANSFER on phone, dial the extension or group number, and press SEND.


• Greet and care for all patients and visitors to the practice in a polite and courteous manner at all times while making eye contact.

• Deal with all enquiries both in person and on the telephone in a polite and professional manner.

• Always be aware of patient confidentiality and data protection.

• Booking appropriate appointments for efficient use of doctor/hygienist time.

• Maintain and accurately file records and update information from patients.

• Ensure all notes and information are available to coincide with appointments and up to date medical history forms are completed and signed.

• Ensure patients receive all necessary paper work and all forms are signed and dated correctly.

• Provide courtesy calls and send out appointments & reminders to patients.

• Proactively deal with all complaints in line with company policy.

• Be fully conversant with all emergency & evacuation procedures.

• Promote a professional image of the office and be knowledgeable about the services we provide.

• Help explain office policy to patients.

Business Focus:
• Constantly monitor the appointments to maximize available appointment time.

• Encourage patients to give as much notice as possible if they need to cancel or rearrange appointments.

• Make courtesy calls to avoid failure to attend long appointments.

• Report any equipment breakdowns immediately to the doctor.

• Be aware of all company policies and procedures to ensure compliance.


• Ensure that the reception area is clean and tidy at all times.

• Always be vigilant and always report any problem or concerns to the doctor immediately.

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