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Want to get paid to make somebody’s day? Zaxby’s restaurants are looking for cheerful, efficient, responsible guys and gals to make the world a better place – one delicious chicken finger at a time.

Make sure to list any relevant experience, and don't forget to attach your resume!

We are ahead of the curve in FL! We are starting our crew at $10/hour! See below to see if this description describes you!

Motivated. A motivated employee is likely to possess other qualities that make them the perfect employee.
Humble. It's easy to find someone skilled, smart, talented and has a good resume, but a good attitude is gold.

***Watch your email-We may schedule interviews through your email***

Type: Part-time
Pay: $10.00 per HOUR

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Zaxby's Mission Statement - "Consistently Create Encore Experiences that Enrich Lives One Person at a Time."

Come join our flock! Zaxby's is one of the fastest growing companies in the South, and we are experiencing incredible growth in this area and need to grow a good crew to match!

*Watch your email- WE SCHEDULE INTERVIEWS VIA THE EMAIL ADDRESS on your application*

*Please note that we have a strict and professional uniform policy.*

**Zaxby’s restaurants are independently owned and operated by third parties under license agreements with Zaxby’s Franchising LLC (“ZFL”). You are applying for employment with a third party licensee of ZFL and not ZFL. ZFL does not own or operate any restaurant locations, including the location at which you are applying for employment through this website. Accordingly, ZFL has no control over the terms and conditions of such employment, including wage or benefit programs, at such location. Questions regarding employment must be directed to the third party licensee at the location for which you are seeking employment and not ZFL. *

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