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3 Hiring Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

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What’s the number one warning issued to growing companies by business owners, CEO’s and managers the world over? Hire carefully. It’s been said that one bad hire added to a small or growing team can be enough to sink the ship. If not handled smartly, hiring could be the kiss of death for your organization. So to help you stay safe from this pitfall, we have uncovered the three hiring mistakes to avoid in 2022.

Not Assessing Strengths During the Interview Process

The most significant hiring mistakes to avoid in 2022 is failing to assess strengths. It is entirely possible to have two candidates with nearly identical resumes and experiences who have wildly different strengths and weaknesses. And unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to get to the bottom of this with cliche interview questions like “what are your biggest strengths/weaknesses?”

Instead, incorporate a strengths assessment into the hiring process. These tests have been scientifically validated over many decades, making them a more reliable and quantifiable indicator than an interviewer’s notes. There are a ton of strengths assessment tests available online for little to no cost, so the barrier to implementing this step immediately is virtually nonexistent.

Remember, if an applicant is serious about a job, they’ll be more than happy to take the assessment. Additionally, if they score well, you can feel more confident that they are the right fit for your growing team.

Hiring Too Fast

Slow. Your. Hiring. Process. Growing companies are eager to add to their workforce so they can continue growing. But if you’re hiring too fast, you’re bound to make mistakes and add a few bad apples to the team. Make sure, no matter how tempting to complete the hire and move on, you do your due diligence. This means going beyond reference and background checks. Screen their social media profiles, have them meet the people they’d be working with (even if it’s a telephone call or through Zoom), give them test projects or even hir them for a 14-day trial period before offering them a full-time job. The costs of bad hires are simply too high to risk moving fast.

Poorly Written Job Descriptions

If your job description is written haphazardly or someone in Human Resources is responsible for drafting one outside of their expertise, you are bound to attract the wrong applicants. Too many companies don’t think about this, so they end up with an HR professional writing job descriptions and screening applicants without any knowledge about the role.

For example, if you’re hiring a Public Relations and Social Media Marketing Specialist, you better have someone from PR and Marketing owning the search in its entirety. Otherwise, how is an HR professional supposed to know the lingo, skills and experiences that actually matter?

Act now and incorporate these helpful tips to avoid hiring mistakes.

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