Business Leadership: The Tale of Leaders and Followers

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A business relies on having the proper amount of leadership in comparison to followers. Too many leaders cause arguments and too many followers result in no committed leadership path.

I am a self-employed real estate agent and former HR manager. Recently, I was working with a brand new real estate agent. I soon realized that I would be doing all the “hand-holding” – so to speak – on the transaction. What exactly does this mean? In layman’s terms, working with a rookie real estate agent generally means that a seasoned real estate agent has to do both sides of the transaction to guarantee a closing for clients. In situations such as these, I am not paid for both sides. As agents, we do what we have to do to get the deal closed and make sure our clients get the house of their dreams.

Yes, real estate agents are self-employed, but I started wondering, “Why don’t real estate agencies have more critical interviews for agents?” Basic follow-through concepts and reading contracts is not anything glorified or something only an expert can do. It is straight forward – reading paragraphs and following rules. Additionally, in Washington State, we have a requirement that makes a Managing Broker responsible for a first-time Broker for the first two years for their careers. So, as I lie in bed with my texts making audible non-stop noise bombs from the other agent, I began to wonder if this agent’s real estate mentor is simply lazy, lacks leadership qualities or perhaps, it is assumed that I will be her mentor even though it is not my legal responsibility.

Ninja Gig would come in very handy in situations such as these. Real estate agencies’ reputations are made by their agents. Poor or unskilled agents can single-handedly ruin an agency’s reputation. To help hire reputable agents with skilled backgrounds, Ninja Gig offers an employment application process that is completely customizable. Employers, or Designated Brokers, can create questions. There is no limit on the number of questions. In fact, questions are easy to tailor to specific scenarios, including how agents would respond to certain issues. This is extremely helpful for first-time agents. Questions may include, “For homes built before 1978, should a lead-based paint disclosure be included?”, “How long does the buyer have to respond to the home inspection?” or “Should you provide the buyer with specific recommendations for home inspectors?”

If real estate agencies used employment programs to weed out applicants, we could have a significantly better base of real estate agents. This would decrease consuming “hand-holding” time and we could simply focus on the professional aspects of our jobs – finding buyers the right homes.

Learn more and understand leadership in business.

Try our complete employment application system. There is no risk signing up for Ninja Gig, as we offer a complimentary 14-day FREE trial. Employers are not locked into any contracts and can cancel anytime without incurring any penalties. The benefits of having an intelligent workplace with active enterprising people are well worth the extra effort to have an uncomplicated, healthy workplace.