Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun Day

April 3rd is national “Don’t Go To Work Unless It’s Fun Day”. Are you at work?

Usually, work and fun are not synonymous, unfortunately for all of us required to work. But, work can be fun, right? I think there are a few key things to making work fun:

1- Check your attitude at the door. If your attitude stinks, your work will never be fun, no matter how great your job is or how great the company is. If you show up for work unhappy or ticked off, guess how your day is going to go?

2- Do something challenging…to you. Maslow called this ‘self-actualization’, which means reaching your potential. I personally find that when I am faced with a daunting problem which I finally solve, I feel happy at work. Don’t be afraid to push yourself; you will be surprised at how happy to become.

3- Steer clear of office gossip. There is a fine line between having a discussion at work and participating in gossip. Gossip usually always goes negative, and it’s hard to be happy when talking about negative things.

Have fun!