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Four Steps That Explain How Job Posting Sites Work

Job applicants want the ease and convenience of applying for jobs online via job posting software. Unless it’s at a job fair or through networking, people are online doing their job searches in today’s market. It only makes sense to pair the ability to apply for the job right alongside the job description. At Ninja […]

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The Hidden Cost of Accepting Paper Job Applications

How much do a toner cartridge and a ream of paper cost? For the average small business, this is at least the monthly cost of accepting paper job applications, not to mention the wear and tear cost on your printer. So, let’s assume you are using a low-cost ream of paper for $5, and maybe […]

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Exploring the Phrase “Everything Is Awesome”

OK, I’ll admit it: I recently watched “The Lego Movie” with my kids. The “Everything Is Awesome” song is still stuck in my head. Did you know there is a 10-hour YouTube video that repeats that song over and over? Someone has too much time on their hands.¬†As an almost 40-year old, should I be […]