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Learn If Your Online Job Application Process Is Working

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If job applicants face the challenge of using out-of-date online job application interfaces that are difficult to navigate and require a lot of information, they may forgo applying and move onto the next opportunity. This means that you could be missing out on qualified candidates for your organization.

To ensure that you’re not turning off potential applicants, you need to have an efficient online job application process that is mobile friendly.

If you don’t know if your website has a friendly job application process, check out your site analytics to see the percentage of applicants abandon the application process before reaching the “apply” point. This is the same concept that retailers use when reviewing “abandoned shopping cart” statistics.

Other issues can also turn off applicants, which we highlight below.

  • A lengthy pre-interview process is a turn off for job seekers. If applicants have already undergone a detailed, time-consuming application process, they are less likely to want to go through documentation requests, personality tests or cultural-fit assessments, prescreening interviews with external recruiters and phone interviews with internal recruiters.
  • Unprofessional behavior during interviews, including unfriendly staff are turn-offs to potential applicants. While it’s important for companies to balance their negotiator face during interviews, appearing less than friendly will steer qualified applicants away from companies.
  • Post interviews also give employers the opportunity to make a lasting negative impression. If companies fail to follow up, applicants will remember this in the future, avoid applying and also spread the word amongst their friends.
  • Discrepancies among interviewers about the job’s duties are also cause for alarm with potential candidates. This raises red flags that perhaps the company doesn’t operate as well – and as seamlessly – as it should.
  • A long hiring process that is too drawn out is also a turn-off, as strong candidates will probably have other opportunities arise, which they will pursue.

Ninja Gig offers online job applications that are quick and – which means that qualified applicants won’t abandon your site frustrated and not applying for open positions. Because an open position translates to higher overhead costs, it’s important to use a job application provider that has experience understanding the importance of keeping applications simple and easy to use.  Sign up today for a 14-day free trial and start accepting employment applications immediately!