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Required vs. Optional Questions When Accepting Job Applications

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Remember those good old days of accepting job applications with paper? On paper applications you could mark a field as “required,” but there was no enforcement on these required fields, allowing applicants to enter whatever they wanted, potentially leaving many fields blank. On a digital job application form, however, it is much easier to enforce required fields. But, should you?

As a hiring manager, you want complete applications, and if an applicant provides you with complete information, you are more easily able to make hiring decisions. However, the simple act of marking a field as required on a digital employment application does not guarantee that the information you are going to receive in that field is valuable.

Here at Ninja Gig, we understand why you may want to mark a field as required, and we have enabled this feature in our software.  However, personally, for our company, we don’t use it.  We ask for specific information about our applicants, and we strongly urge them to be as complete as possible, but we don’t force them to fill it out. In our opinion, if someone wants the job, they will take the time to be thorough, and we can immediately disregard the applicants that aren’t complete.

At the end of the day, it is up to you as a hiring manager when or business owner to make the decision whether or not to require specific information when accepting job applications, and our tool will make the job easy!

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