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What Are The Best Days to Advertise Job Openings

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Have you ever wondered if the date and time you post online job applications affect the overall quality of the applications you receive? After analyzing recruiting software, Ninja Gig is here to answer that valuable question: maybe. Read on to find out what are the best days to advertise job openings.

Mondays Rate as the Best Days to Advertise Job Openings

Mondays are the best days to advertise and the day you will receive the most qualified applications. That number continues to decrease through Saturday, with Sunday giving only slightly better results. The consensus is that weekdays are the best days to advertise job openings.

In fact, the number of applications varies as much as 100 percent between Monday and Saturday. This is largely contributed to job aggregation sites that use a ranking factor based on recent posts in their feed algorithms. Additionally, new jobs are included in many email updates and on the front page of many job board search sites.

If you want to appear in the most qualified applicants’ inboxes, forgo the late Friday job posting and aim for Monday. While Fridays are the most popular days for companies to advertise, you will be sorry you did not wait until Monday. The only exception to this rule is print newspapers and classifieds postings, but there again, most people do not receive the newspaper and more applicants simply search for jobs via their Smartphones. Additionally, many web-based applications make applicants apply online, which makes it easier for companies to review resumes and find the most qualified candidates. Just remember that no one is sitting at home and searching for jobs on the weekend.

In fact, if you want to know the exact time of day to post your job opening, aim for Monday during the middle of the day. Most people get back to work on Mondays and around mid-day find they would rather spend their time looking for new jobs than be working.

Just remember to post your jobs during these times so that you can attract more applicants that are qualified.

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