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The Latest Recruitment Trends that Rock 2017

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More Human Resources professionals are reporting that open positions are becoming difficult to fill with qualified candidates. Lack of talent is one of the most significant shortages with today’s pool of potential employees. To help bridge these gaps and find the best applicants for the job, HR departments are embracing new techniques.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Many companies are exploring AI to automate tasks, such as communicating with candidates and providing them with constant feedback about the hiring process. Experts predict that in the future, AI will help find the best applicants for the job instead of employers searching for resumes. AI will conduct an analysis of job descriptions, search resumes and only encourage qualified candidates to apply.
  • Candidates Are In Control – This year’s candidate shortage is just in the beginning phases. Candidates that are highly sought after and talented know they are in the drivers’ seats, which means that they can make more personal demands, such as better benefits and higher salaries. Employers will embrace employees being in charge, switching from what employees need to finding the benefits they want and offering those to them. More recruiters are also looking at web marketing solutions, which include designing websites that are more personalized towards specific careers.
  • Social Media – Targeting specific social media demographics allows businesses to potentially reach the best applicants for the job. More than 65 percent of job hunters say they use Facebook to search for job openings, while most recruits prefer LinkedIn.
  • Mobile Recruitment – Nearly 70 percent of candidates visit a company’s website on their Smartphone, while nearly 50 percent use their phones to apply for open positions. However, statistics show that only 13 percent of companies are investing in mobile recruitment. We are sure this trend will change in response to making it easier for qualified candidates to apply for positions in a way that is convenient and easy for them – via their mobile devices.
  • Diversity – Over the last several years, companies see the benefits of hiring a diverse workforce, which has both financial and social benefits. While diversity is still mandatory, we are seeing an unconscious shift where many HR teams are designing diverse strategies unconsciously.

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