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Top Trends that Impact the 2016 Job Market

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Currently, the big question is not if you can land a job, but if you can get your dream job. Unemployment has been steadily decreasing, resting at a steady 5 percent. The good news for college graduates is that their unemployment rates are a mere 2.5 percent. So what does the 2016 job market hold?

Nearly 60 percent of companies are focusing on brand, striving to keep current employees happy while continuing to recruit new and bright talent. The latest hiring and job market trends are highlighted below.

  • Hiring Sectors Expanding – No longer is hiring only limited to the healthcare and technology sectors. There are many job opportunities for both new and seasoned employees. The top ten growing occupations are software developers, network and computer system administrators, nurses, sales managers, marketing managers, construction professionals, industrial engineers and financial managers.
  • Marketing Managers – Growing tech companies, such as Facebook and Amazon, have a growing need for marketing managers. In fact, it is one of the most in-demand jobs, second to only software developers and engineers. However, marketing manager requirements are changing due to the growth of digital consumer advertising. Today’s marketing manager is required to use analytics to determine appropriate marketing channels for customer acquisitions.
  • Software Developer – A scan of job websites reveals that software developers’ account for nearly one in 20 open job postings!
  • The Millennial Take Over – Millennials are moving their way up. Studies show that nearly 30 percent of managers are Millennials, 5 percent senior managers and 2 percent executives. This number is only set to increase.
  • Recruiting Videos – More companies are beginning to harness the power of video to help recruit and attract talent. Videos are a great way to highlight the culture of a company. This is similar to how many colleges recruit athletes. Giving potential employees a peek inside a company can help boost online job applications.
  • Data-Driven Recruiting – Recruiters are able to optimize the hiring process. They have the ability to pre-interview candidates, refine job descriptions and even help with setting compensation packages. This allows companies to better establish and nurture relationships with potential candidates.
  • The Southeast and Mid-Atlantic Job Boom –The Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, South-central and Central Midwest could see a 40 percent increase in hires over last year. Regional employers are anticipated to increase their hiring by the single greatest percentage this year, making it something to keep an eye on in the 2016 job market.

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