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What Does Ninja Gig Include in Online Job Applications?

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Ninja Gig offers online job applications, making human resources departments’ jobs easier. Accepting online job applications is efficient and makes sure that your company helps to attract the most qualified applicants.

Create Customizable Online Job Applications

Now you can create custom applications for every employment opening in your company. Whether you’re a high-tech firm or a carpet cleaning company, you can customize the questions you ask or simply use our default template to create your own application. If you have positions that require lengthy questions, there’s no need to worry because with Ninja Gig there is no limit to how many questions you can include in the application.

Unlimited Features

With an unlimited number of applications, small and large companies benefit from our easy-to-use software. So whether you have 1 or 100 job openings, you can take advantage of Ninja Gig’s flat $49 flat-rate monthly fee.

You can even use our job board integration feature to automatically publish to several different job boards, including but not limited to Jooble, Monster, Indeed, Glassdoor, SimplyHired and more. Now you can save money on expensive advertising budgets and maximize your time by turning this option on and pushing employment opportunities out to several different channels. This guarantees you’ll attract a wide variety of qualified candidates.

Mobile-Friendly Job Applications

To ensure that you attract the best candidates, we have included a mobile-friendly feature that allows applicants to apply for jobs right from their mobile devices easily. While more lengthy applications will be more straightforward for applicants to complete on their laptop or desktop devices, restaurants and cleaning companies will especially appreciate this feature, as the majority of their applicants are more likely to use mobile devices when applying for jobs.

Ninja Gig also includes these other awesome features:

  • Website Portal – You can get your own NinjaGig website portal that allows applicants to complete their applications.
  • Language Support – To make your job easier, the Ninja Gig website can translate the application into Spanish or other languages. This is perfect for a wide variety of industries as you can make sure applicants can complete the application in their first language.
  • Admin Portal – You can securely log in and manage all your job openings in one area. You can also change any account settings, review and manage all applications and much more.

Ninja Gig makes hiring online super simple. Sign up today for a 14-day free trial and see how easy hiring online can be.