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When You Think Your Employee May Be Incompetent

Once employers begin to contemplate the competency of their employees’ abilities, everything goes downhill. It is like witnessing a terrible landslide.

When hiring an accounting professional, it is important to ask accounting-related questions. The best option is to institute a basic math proficiency test. Basic budgeting should be a requirement, as well knowing the answer to 2+2=4. If the candidate requires a calculator or their SmartPhone to complete the quiz, he/she is likely not a suitable candidate for an accounting position.

It is also a great idea to complete a background check, as well as a credit check on any serious potential candidates. This gives an idea about how candidates spend their own money.

For example, I was speaking to a controller this week that wanted to spend $200K on a land lot for her house, but failed to consider the actual home building costs. When I attempted to explain the basic math behind backwards budgeting, which involves figuring out the total amount of the home loan, subtracting the land costs, utilities, excavation, etc., I was still met with a blank look. I literally had to explain backwards budgeting to a controller with a Master’s Degree in Accounting.

Were red flags flying across my field of vision? Definitely. Would I ever hire her for an accounting position? That answer is laughable.

The bottom line is that employers can save substantial money by investing in employment software, such as Ninja Gig. This allows employers to ask questions that relate to necessary qualifications for jobs, such as accounting backgrounds, submitting to background and credit checks and much more.

Screening candidates and ensuring they have the necessary knowledge to complete their jobs is vital to helping companies workflow.  Sign-up for a free trial of our service and create your own custom job application, or use our template, and start accepting job applications online today!