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Why Hiring is Like Buying Eggs

When you’re faced with having to hire employees, it’s a lot like buying eggs.

First, you have to decide what kind of eggs you want to buy.  Are you going to go with high quality, organic brown eggs?  Or, are you on a tight budget and going to go with the regular white eggs that are on sale?  The organic might cost more, but you’re going to have the good feeling inside that you bought the very best.

Second, you need to open up the carton to see if there are any damaged eggs inside.  You check for cracks, breaks and other imperfections that would ruin your purchase.

Third, you carefully take your eggs home and soon enough, crack them open and throw them into the frying pan.

When hiring, you need to take a similar approach.

Is your budget cushy enough to afford the more quality job applicants that will cost you more?  Or, will you go with the kid right out of college that is a bargain, but may not have as much experience?

You need to open the carton on each applicant and check for cracks.  Check their online social media sites, do a background check, maybe even a drug test to ensure you getting a quality “product.” This is important, especially is you offer online job applications.

Third, once you’ve done all that checking and selecting, you are ready to throw them into your virtual frying pan, and hopefully they’ll fry up just right.