Kowaliga Marina - Dockmaster - Full-Time

Job Description

1.Oversee gas dock, rental dock and wet slips

2.Verify that dock crew is properly trained in all areas of responsibility
a. Movement of customer boats during launch and retrieval including proper procedure of removing/installing covers and securing boats and personal watercraft to dock
b. Communicating via Speedy Dock
c. Prosper procedure for fueling boats and personal watercraft
d. Proper start-up/shutdown procedures for fuel delivery systems and gas dock
e. Usage of PC and cash register
f. Proper procedures for rental boats including cleaning, pre-rental check list, regular maintenance and customer assistance at departure and return
3. Assist customers as needed
4. Observe and report fuel levels
5. Observe and report fuel delivery system failures or abnormalities
6. Complete daily cash register till
7. Complete any other daily tasks associated with dock hands and gas dock

Type: Full-time

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