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Getting Job Hunt Feedback

You’ve tried everything.

Buying a new power suit.  Re-doing your resume.  Networking.  Printing your resume on fancy paper.

But you still haven’t landed your dream job, or any job for that matter.

The part of searching for a job that can be the most difficult is being told, “Thank you for your interest and time” and receiving no feedback on why you didn’t get the job.

This can cause a lot of frustration and you may be tempted to rip your resume into shreds and start applying for welfare.

While this approach may help you vent your frustration, it’s not going to get you closer to getting a job.

What you need is some feedback.  Grab that relative or friend who you know will be brutally honest with you and get a little feedback.

First, dress in your best job interviewing outfit and have your “feedbacker” review how you look.  Maybe your shoes need shined.  Maybe your jewelry is too outrageous or your tie is too “busy.”

These are tips you need to hear in order to “look” the part.

Next, sit down with them and have a mock interview.  Have them look over your resume.  Is it too detailed or do you need to elaborate on responsibilities you had at a previous job?  Is the grammar correct?  Is there enough white space?

Finally, have your “feedbacker” ask you some tough questions.  Have them grill you, ask crazy questions and basically throw the book at you so you can improve your interview performance.

It’s never pleasant to be critiqued, but when you’re serious about getting a job, this exercise will benefit you and prepare you for landing your dream job in record time.