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How Hiring Job Sites Can Boost Your Recruitment Efforts

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Gone are the days when job hunters would buy the latest newspaper and scan the classifieds for jobs. Today, more people are turning their job hunt online to hiring job sites. So, how can your company take advantage of these recruitment trends while staying under budget and still finding qualified candidates? 

Ninja Gig has compiled the top advantages of posting jobs on hiring job sites.

  • Fast Hiring ProcessFinding the right job candidate takes time, which is why getting a jump start on hiring job sites can give you a competitive advantage. Millions of people search hiring job sites daily. Reduce the time it takes to hire and concentrate on hiring job sites so you can maximize your reach. When you post on hiring job sites, your online job posting begins to gain immediate traction. It can reach a variety of candidates – those early in their career, mid-career and professionals). 
  • Find Potential Candidates – Most job seekers today use online platforms to search for careers. Whether you’re looking to hire locally or globally, the internet gives you the advantage of reaching your target demographic. Reach bigger audiences online so you can have a better pool of qualified applicants to choose from, which can help reduce your turnover. If your company is looking to fill entry-level jobs and the most likely demographic is younger employees, keep in mind that nearly 98-percent of 18 to 29-year-olds are actively online. Learn more about internet usage by age.
  • Getting a Return on Investment – Online hiring job sites are not only cost-effective, but they give you more bang for your recruiting buck. One caveat is that when you subscribe to multiple hiring job sites, this can quickly add up. Instead, use Ninja Gig for an unlimited flat-rate fee of $49 a month and get your jobs automatically posted on dozens of websites, including big-name job boards, such as Indeed and Jooble. 
  • Save Time and Money When you use Ninja Gig, you can save valuable time and money over traditional recruitment fees. Posting jobs online helps you find suitable candidates that qualify for open positions in your company. You can further advertise these positions via links on your website, social media channels and even emailing them to current employees to recommend anyone they know that may be a good fit for your organization. More than anything, posting online is easy.
  • Be Creative and DynamicWhen you post a job online, you can be more creative with your ads. Whether you include short videos to show off your company or creating an informal, fun job description – the internet is the place to master creative job ads that capture the attention of job seekers. 

One of the biggest complaints companies have about hiring job sites is that costs can quickly spiral out of control. Avoid this #1 pitfall and use Ninja Gig for all your hiring needs. Our flat-rate $49 a month fee gives you unlimited job applications and the ability to receive unlimited resumes and applications. There’s absolutely no catch, and you can cancel at any time. Interested in learning more about Ninja Gig? Sign up for our free trial today and see what all the buzz is about.