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If for no other reason…

How much does a toner cartridge and a ream of paper cost? For the average small business, this is at least the monthly cost of printing paper applications, not to mention the wear and tear cost on your printer. So, let’s assume you are using a low-cost ream of paper for $5, and maybe your ink costs are $40. So, for $45 you are printing paper applications and “doing it yourself”.

Oh, and we should probably count the amount of time involved to print these applications. Oh yeah, and there is also the time to hand these out to potential applicants. Oops, looks like we forgot the time involved to receive and organize these applications. Your costs involved with paper applications are much more than paper & ink, probably a couple hundred dollars per month, at least!

Now is the time for you to start accepting digital employment applications for your job openings if for no other reason than to save the time and money you are spending accepting paper applications. Another benefit to accepting computerized job applications is that you can quickly customize the job application without additional costs or printing fees. Finally, the digital employment application is a “set it and forget it” solution, in that you no longer have to waste time distributing, receiving, and organizing paper applications.

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