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How To Improve Your Hiring Process NOW

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The hiring process is time-consuming. It takes a lot of money, and it’s usually an ongoing task. To help prevent bad hires and mistakes, Ninja Gig has compiled a list of tips to help you improve your hiring process and ensure you hire the right candidates the first time around.

  • Better Job Descriptions – If you post a poorly written job description, you’ll detour excellent, qualified candidates from wanting to apply. A recent study showed that long, detailed job descriptions are a turn-off. What applicants want to see is what the company can do for them instead of what the company expects from the applicant. This defies traditional job descriptions, but it dramatically improves your hiring process and the quality of candidates that apply. For example, use this type of wording in online job applications and descriptions.
    • “We want to provide employees with consistent career growth and foster constructive feedback.”
    • “This position will give you many opportunities to work and collaborate with a talented group of people.”
  • Mobile-Friendly – Applicants want to know that companies are staying ahead of digital trends and social media, which includes having a mobile-friendly website so candidates can easily browse job openings on their Smartphones. Additionally, more than 50 percent of applicants use their phones to apply for jobs. Tailor your hiring process to this!
  • Soft Skills – Instead of focusing on someone who has the exact level of job experience, keep an open mind and look for candidates that also have personality and social skills. Communication skills, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence and thought processes are not job skills that are easy to teach.
  • Personality – Make sure that the applicant has a personality that fits with your current team. Consider asking other team members to participate in the interview process.
  • Boost Interviews – Improve your interviews by listening to red flags that come up. Hiring an applicant that exhibits red flags can ultimately cost your company a lot of money.
  • Ask Questions – Asking the right kinds of questions can expose any red flags. For example, ask why someone left his/her last job. If they blame someone else, this might be the sign of someone who is not a team player and cannot take the responsibility for his/her actions. Make sure to include questions about their futures, such as, “Where do you see yourself professionally in 10 years?” This can unearth motivated and unmotivated candidates.
  • Let Candidates Interview – Make sure that candidates receive ample opportunity to ask their questions. If you want to hire applicants that stay long-term, be realistic about the work environment. It’s best to determine if the job is a good fit before hiring them.
  • Reviews – Keep a close eye on reviews, as nearly 50 percent of applicants research a company and read online reviews before applying. Additionally, close to 70 percent of applicants said they would not work for a company that receives negative reviews.

Ninja Gig can help simply your interview process by providing customizable job applications online. To stay on top of the latest mobile trends, contact Ninja Gig to learn more about how to accept online employment applications. Sign up today for a 14-day free trial.