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How to Save Time in Job Interviews

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When hiring, you usually go into the process because you need someone quickly. Here are a few tips to save time during interviews. You’re not cutting corners, just weeding out the less qualified even quicker. Within a week of posting a job opening, you could have dozens of applications sitting on your desks – maybe even hundreds. How do you find viable candidates without wasting too many hours and resources? Here are some hiring tips you can try:

Top Hiring Tips for Companies

1. Have a concrete list of ranked requirements.

First, you need to have a specific list of requirements.

  • What job experiences do they need to be good at the role you’re hiring them for?
  • How many years of experience are needed?
  • What educational background are you looking for?

Also, apart from listing these requirements, arrange them according to priority. This makes it easy for you to decide on the current applications on hand.

2. Conduct an online test for both aptitude and soft skills.

Once you have a list of applicants that meet your requirements, send them to an online test. This could be an aptitude test or a soft skills test. By seeing who has the scores you need, you can know which applicants would be worth interviewing and which ones to put on your waiting list.

3. Interview applicants with a panel.

When you’re ready to hold interviews, make sure that more than one key person from your organization is present. Include the applicant’s intended supervisor or colleague so that they can ask specific questions based on their own requirements.

4. Use remote video interviewing.

Rather than wasting hours on inefficient scheduling and walk-in applications, schedule video interviews instead. This can be more efficient since you can schedule several interviews in a row without making applicants wait for hours in your lobby. For a preliminary interview, this is more resource-efficient than in-person and even phone interviews.

5. Make sure you have a specific purpose for each interview question.

Don’t just ask random questions – make sure that you also have a list of answers you would like to hear. Otherwise, you run the risk of wasting time asking questions that don’t really add to your knowledge of the applicant’s skills and capabilities.

By following these five steps, your company can have a more efficient application process that’s less time-consuming and more cost-effective for all parties involved.

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