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Jobs To Be Grateful You Don’t Have…Unless You Do

In this season of thanksgiving, it is important to reflect on the things you are grateful for. Sometimes it is difficult to find things to be grateful for, and in those circumstances it is helpful to look around you and notice how great your situation is. There are hard things in all jobs, and some jobs are worse than others.

In my experience, no matter where you work, there are situations, co-workers, or other things that make the job less than perfect. However, it could be worse. If you find yourself a little grumpy about your job, here are some jobs to be grateful you don’t have, unless you do, in which case I am truly sorry.

  1. Theme Park Janitor. Based on the amount of traffic, I can only imagine the amount of nasty that passes through a park on any given weekend.
  2. Sumo Costume Checker. Um, yeah, no explanation required.
  3. Port-O-Potty Cleaner. Talk about a crappy job!
  4. Embalmer. Gross.
  5. Customer Service Agent. Some people like this. In my experience, only angry people call in.
  6. Wal-Mart Greeter/Receipt Checker. A friend of mine did this for a while, and he has never been sworn at more in his life. He literally felt verbally abused everyday at work.

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