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Educating Employees With Summer School for Your Business

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Summer is typically a time to think about vacations, barbecues, the beach and other fun events. But, just like some children have to attend summer school, it’s time to look at some business summer school for your company so you can start educating employees.

It’s been said that we are constantly moving towards something in life, whether it be forwards or backward. Summer is an ideal time to move your business forward by educating employees, even if it does mean a little summer school.

Start a “summer school” for your employees where you cover one topic of interest to your business each month or each week. Take a little time to write emails, or hold training meetings where you address topics that are crucial to your business. Maybe it’s about recycling in the office, customer service, how to use that new copier, or something specific to your business – examine your business and pick a few areas where a little education might be helpful.

As a business owner, educating yourself is also important. Are you familiar with new tax laws? What are your competitors doing that you’re not? Do you consistently read industry-specific or leadership articles that will help you take your business to the next level? Could your own people skills use a little brushing up?

Taking a good look at where you can improve and then doing a little education could pay huge dividends. One business assigned different employees to conduct training on different topics. This was a huge success because it empowered the employees to learn more, and also was a less-threatening way to educate because the employees were peer-educated instead of just boss-educated. Take a look at what may work the best for you and make the time for a little summer school this summer.

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