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Essential Year-End HR Compliance Activities

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In some ways, 2020 has gone by in the blink of an eye. Yet, in other ways, it’s limped along at a snail’s pace. We know for sure that 2021 is around the bend, and it’s time for essential year-end HR compliance and activities. 

Here’s a list of the top five activities to do, whether you’re new to HR compliance or need a refresher on how to close out 2020.

  1. Job Descriptions – Job descriptions need annual updates. A job description is a legal document, which means it’s necessary to update regularly to stay in compliance with ADA, FMLA, FLSA and employment laws. Adjust these “living documents” accordingly every year.
  2. Company Policies – All company policies should be reviewed and updated annually. Revise any necessary policies and procedures, as well as the company and employee handbook. 
  3. Performance Reviews – Employees want to know how they’re doing and if they’ve met or exceeded goals. Instead of using a rating system, be objective and assess employees’ performance, tips for improving, guiding them to learn and develop and help them set goals and objectives for 2021. It’s vital that management is supportive during performance reviews and not solely focusing on negative feedback. 
  4. Record Retention Guidelines – Now is the time to check and purge any unnecessary HR documents. It’s essential to follow specific guidelines for this, as some records must be retained for one-year, while others for 30 years. Consider instituting an online recruitment applicant tracking system to help improve HR compliance. 
  5. Compensation – Review employee compensation every two years. Companies that don’t assess compensation have a higher likelihood of losing above-average talent. 

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