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The History of Labor Day: Then and Now

Sure, Labor Day is a great day for a backyard BBQ. For some small businesses, it’s a day to offer discounts and rake in some profits. But do you know the origins and history of Labor Day, and why we really celebrate the holiday? Who Founded Labor Day? There’s some controversy over who exactly founded […]

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Why Google Is a Great Company to Work For

Every year, Fortune magazine lists the 100 Best Companies to Work For. In 2013, the number one rated company was Google (for the fourth year in a row). Why do its employees give Google such high marks? And, how can you get some of that employee love, without building a roller hockey rink? Google’s Secret: […]

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Employees Question Yahoo’s Limited No Telecommuting Policy

In today’s job market, offering a telecommuting option can be very attractive to job applicants. In fact, when searching for and applying for a job online, many prospective employees will search for a position that offers to telecommute, especially in today’s uncertain times. Seriously, what could be better than staying in your jammies and working from […]

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Bracing for the New Year With New Employee Tax Issues

As a business owner, you have to worry about hiring the right person, training the right person, paying the right salary and basically doing everything. Are we right? Even though you may do everything you’re supposed to, some things are out of your control, such as employee tax issues. This year, your employees will see less […]