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What Jobs and Companies Do People Quit the Most?

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While unemployment numbers keep going down, some jobs continue to have higher than average turnover rates. Let’s dig a little deeper and explore what jobs and companies people quit the most.

  1. Amazon – Ironically, the August 2015 “New York Times” Amazon expose highlights how the expectations of this mega-giant company make it difficult for most employees making them one of the top jobs and companies people quit. The median employee tenure is only one year, and some local recruiters say that they will stay away from placing former Amazon employees. If workers can get through long and late-night meetings, sending secret feedback to bosses and potentially sabotaging other employees, they may have a longer than average career at this online retailer.
  2. Life Insurance – The life insurance industry requires that people stay long-term before they start seeing an increase in their salaries through residuals and referrals. However, the difficulty in closing sales makes it easy for people to not stick with it and move on to other opportunities.
  3. Registered Nurses – The U.S. is facing a shortage of registered nurses. Surveys show that up to 43 percent of newly licensed registered nurses leave their first jobs within mere years of employment. The turnover rate for this profession is high due to stress, pressure and lack of support. Couple that with incredibly long shifts and nurses have a high burnout rate.
  4. Leisure and Hospitality Industry – This industry, which includes housekeepers and food service employees, regularly experiences a high turnover rate. With employees only making around minimum wage, it’s not uncommon for them to leave their jobs for higher-earning positions. Even making an extra dollar an hour is a strong motivator for someone to pursue another employment opportunity.

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