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Don’t Do This for Successful Employer Interviews, Part 2

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How and what you ask during an interview greatly affects the results and answers you receive from candidates. To help facilitate a better interview process, Ninja Gig has put together a list of questions not to ask in employer interviews.

  1. Don’t be aggressive – You want candidates to feel comfortable during employer interviews so start out letting them tell you what they know about your company and describing their current job. It’s best to ease into more difficult questions when candidates are more comfortable.
  2. Don’t go off-the-wall – While one off-the-wall question per interview is acceptable, limit this number because you don’t want to make a candidate feel uncomfortable. If odd questions don’t fit into your company’s culture, forgo asking these altogether.
  3. Don’t be vague – While open-ended questions are excellent, it’s important that candidates also know what types of answers they are expected to give. Provide any clarification if a candidate appears confused.
  4. Don’t ask leading questions – Leading questions are never advisable during interviews. An example of a leading question is, “I assume you’re great at time management, aren’t you?” Ask questions that allow candidates to explain their skills so you can properly assess if the applicant is a good fit for your organization.
  5. Don’t judge – Some candidates are shy and may not shine in interviews, but be excellent at their jobs. Don’t judge immediately based on first impressions.

Interviewing skills develop with lots of practice. New hiring managers might be just as stressed as candidates when conducting interviews. Veterans know that hiring is stressful, time-consuming and often very frustrating. By pre-qualifying candidates and having online employment applications that ask applicants specific questions, you can sort through qualified and unqualified candidates, making the interview process easier.

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