Job Application Template

If you are online searching for a job application template for your company’s employment opportunities, stop and think for just a minute.  You are online searching for a template for a paper application.  Seems kind of silly, don’t you think?

You may be looking to personalize your own employment application for your company, because some of the standard forms just don’t work for your business.  Or, you may be trying to save expensive printing costs.  Regardless of your motivation in searching for an application form template, think for a minute about the costs involved with accepting paper applications.  Besides the paper and printing costs, a much larger cost is time.  Think about how much time is spent in handing out, collecting, perusing, categorizing, and managing paper job applications.  I’d be willing to be you spend hundreds (or more) of dollars per month with your current application process.

Welcome to the digital age, where even the most tedious of tasks can now be handled electronically, including job applications.  So, stop searching for a sample employment application form template, and go digital!

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10 reasons recruiters suck (and how to fix it)

I debated whether to title this article “You lost me at hello”.  This week I received an email from a recruiter, which started out “Hello John”.  My name’s not John.  Obviously, this recruiter had sent an email template, forgetting to change the name of the recipient.  I responded to the recruiter and let him know this was the #1 reason people in my industry hate recruiters.

Since replying to the recruiter, however, I realized there are many worse sins recruiters do than the sin of using an email template.  Here is the list I came up with, in no particular order:

1- You don’t know me, aka we’ve never met.  Recently I have seen an uptick in emails from recruiters stating how “it’s been a while”, or “last time we spoke”, etc.  Liars.  Why would I ever respond to a recruiter who claims to know me, although I am confident we’ve never even emailed.  Want to fix it?  Try and meet me first.

2- Your industry is plagued with poo.  For every good experience a placed candidate has with a recruiter, there are at least 5 bad experiences.  Dishonesty, misrepresentation, under-bidding, over-bidding, etc. are very common practices by recruiters.  Want to fix it?  Cut out the poo.

3- Your English is crap.  Why would I want a recruiter representing me who can’t even type a sentence correctly I mean c’mon use proper punktuation and spelling Most of the time i think y’all are from a different country and your cuzzin is a exiled prince.  Want to fix it?  Speak my language, properly.

4- I can hear (or read) the script.  It’s obvious that you have spent a lot of time polishing your email to me and made every attempt to make your message as personal as possible.  What’s also obvious to me is that I received a script (see opening paragraph).  Want to fix it?  Be 100%, truly, personal with me.

5- Your lack of disclosure.  I often receive calls from recruiters who refuse to tell me the name of the company that this awesome position is with.  Why would I ever have discussions with you if you won’t even tell me the name of the company?  True, you might be worried that I will go around you, but get over it.  Want to fix it?  Tell me everything!

6- Car salesman questions.  When I buy a car, I don’t buy it based on my budget, because that is always negotiable.  Similarly, when I am looking for a job, it’s not all about the money.  However, one of the first questions I hear from recruiters is to find out my current salary.  Yes, salary comes into play, but it’s not the end-all.  Don’t ask me what my budget is.  Want to fix it?  Find out what I care about, first, and then ask the find-out questions.  Maybe salary is my #1 priority, but you’ll never know unless you know what I care about.

7- Abusing LinkedIn.  Want to fix it?  Stop it.  You know who you are.

8- You are out-of-state.  If you/your firm is not local, don’t contact me.  Seriously.  You might as well be from a different country.  Want to fix it?  Shop locally.

9- Your 6-month contract job is out-of-state.  Really?  Want to fix it?  Refer to #8’s solution.

10- I don’t know {insert technology or skill here}.  This could have been lumped in with #1, but this is so annoying, it can stand on its own.  Did you even look at my resume and/or LinkedIn profile?  If you are hiring for a Java developer, please make sure I even know what Java is, before contacting me.  Want to fix it?  Take the time to understand me and my skill set before you contact me.

These are a few of the many ways recruiters suck.  However, not all recruiters are bad, and I am in my current job, thanks to a recruiter who I had never met before he reached out to me.  However, he did everything right.

Recruiters, it’s up to you to fix things.  You can do it.

Human Resources Morale Online Employment Applications Tips for Small Businesses

“Fall” Into a Strong Fourth Quarter

September is the beginning of fall – a perfect time to reflect on how your business has done so far this year, and how you want to finish out the last quarter.

First, take the time to thoroughly evaluate your business. Don’t wait until the end of the year to evaluate how things have gone in your business this year…do it now so you can end the year strong and have momentum going into 2016!

Second, focus on what you’ve accomplished. After evaluating, you may feel down because you haven’t done as much as you would have liked. Instead of focusing on what you haven’t done, focus on your accomplishments, your goals that were reached and the big things you have crossed off your business “to do” list.

Third, rewrite your business “to do” list and pick your battles. You only have one quarter left. Make it count by choosing 2-3 main things you want to accomplish with the time you have left in the year. Set specific goals and outline your game plan on how you’re going to achieve these goals.

Fourth, take some risks! Three months. Three months to achieve your goals. Take some risks and make it happen.

Lastly, use the reward system. Reward yourself and your employees when you hit your goals. Rewards, even small ones, can propel anyone into achieving goals. Whether it be a Christmas bonus, gift cards, or a business getaway – do something to celebrate your accomplishments!

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