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A Staggering 1.8 Million Americans Turn Down Jobs to Stay on Unemployment

The latest survey from the end of June 2021 shows that a staggering number of Americans have turned down jobs to continue remaining on unemployment, which is hindering the US economy from returning to pre-pandemic normal levels. Continue reading to learn more about the latest unemployment news. A Morning Consult poll highlighted the following reasons […]

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Learning How to Hire and Manage Teams in a Post Pandemic Era

One of the significant changes from the COVID-19 pandemic is businesses having to create remote work cultures. While some jobs will always be required to be onsite, many companies realize that remote employees are just as productive as those in the office full-time. Let’s dive in and analyze the best ways to manage teams post-pandemic, […]

COVID-19 National Trends

Learn What Jobs Are Poised for a COVID-19 Comeback 

Pre-pandemic, the United States saw high demand for jobs in the technology sector. As we evolve post-pandemic and learn to live with the new normal, we see an increase in human-centric roles, as shown by the latest job posting sites.  Post-Pandemic Job Trends in 2021 According to Job Posting Sites Frontline workers, such as delivery […]


Can Employers Require That Employees Get the Covid-19 Vaccine?

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has updated its guidance related to workplace COVID-19 vaccination policies. While the commission didn’t answer all questions related to workplace vacations, they clarified some issues for employers requiring or encouraging employees to get vaccinated. Read on to learn more if employers require COVID-19 vaccine is legal or unjust.  […]